Who’s who in the branch

Branch Officers 2021/22

Branch officers are elected every year at the aggregate Annual General Meetings which were held during March 2021.

Branch Chair: Andy Argyle

Branch Secretary: Wendy Nichols

Assistant Secretary: Helen Gray

Branch Vice-Chair: Sarah Carter

Branch Treasurer: John Foster

Branch Communications Officer: Daniel Maguire

Branch International Officer: Paul McPherson

Branch Labour Link Officer: Wendy Nichols

Branch Women’s Officer: Anna-Marie McGlanaghey

Retired Members’ Secretary: Shelia Crosby

The following branch officer posts are vacant. If you are interested in any of these roles please contact the branch office for more information.

Welfare Officer, Health & Safety Officer, Equalities Officer, Education Co-ordinator, Black Members’ Officer, Young Members’ Officer, LGBT+ Officer.

We also have seats on the branch committee reserved for area representatives. Each area has a number of seats based on the number of members in each area. The number of seats is shown in brackets. There are vacancies for area representatives, so if you are interested please contact the branch office.

  • Hambleton/Richmond (7) – Helen Gray, Simon Purcell, Julie Biggins
  • Scarborough/Ryedale (8) – David Griffiths, Neil Morrish
  • Selby/York (5) – Sophie King, Rachel Horsman, Andrew Vaughan
  • Harrogate (5) – all vacant
  • Craven (3) – all vacant
  • Independent/Voluntary sector (1) – vacant

You might also have workplace UNISON Stewards and Health & Safety reps where you work.

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