Local Government Pension Scheme

Most of our branch members work for employers that are members of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). Whilst we cannot provide individual advice about pensions, we will provide updates and information about the LGPS here. Most employers that are members of the LGPS are part of the North Yorkshire scheme. For individual information and advice please contact the pension fund.

UNISON also provides a comprehensive section on the national website, including FAQs.

View the UNISON guide to the LGPS

Visit the North Yorkshire LGPS fund website

North Yorkshire LGPS contact details

Telephone: 01609 536335

Email: pensions@northyorks.gov.uk

Impact of the £95k cap on exit payments

Despite opposition, Parliament has approved the necessary legislative requirements to introduce a cap of £95,000 on local government exit payments. Whilst £95,000 seems a lot of money, it will include pension strain costs. This will impact on many low paid workers who are made redundant in their mid to late 50s.

We wrote to all our North Yorkshire MPs to urge them to vote against these proposals.

Sadly, all our local MPs supported the cap.

Read the UNISON press release on the cap

Read about the impact of the cap on your pension