Free coach to Donny Races!

We are running a free coach for members and their families to the UNISON race day at Doncaster Races on Saturday 30 July.

Unions submit pay claim for local government and school workers

Significant pay boost vital to meet spiralling costs as unions call for at least £2,000 pay rise for local government and school workers.

UNISON and Labour highlight the importance of school support staff

A joint vision for the future of school support staff has been presented at the union’s school support staff seminar.

Unions call for expansion of free school meals

A joint-union letter, signed by UNISON, calls on the government to take an urgent interim step and increase eligibility.

Probation staff need a pay rise!

The joint trade unions within the Probation Service have lodged a three-year pay claim on behalf of our members as inflation heads towards 10%.

Research shows schools that stay with the council do better

UNISON has always opposed academisation of schools for a number of reasons, not least that we believe in a fully comprehensive, locally accountable education system and we have always felt schools do better when they are part of their local council. However, in recent years the government has been undermining schools linked to local authorities […]

Use your vote! Local government service group elections

Our branch has nominated Ken Curran and Helen Gray to be our representatives on UNISON’s Local Government Service Group Executive.