Living with someone who is vulnerable

This page was last updated on 16 June 2021 at 13.15

England is now in step 3 of the government’s roadmap. This means:

  • You should continue to work from home if you can.
  • You must wear a face covering in many indoor settings, such as shops and places of worship, and on public transport, unless you are exempt or have a reasonable excuse.
  • You can meet indoors with up to six people from any number of households, or any number of people from no more than two households.

Lots of our members may not fall into any of the vulnerable categories themselves, but they will live with people who do. They will be worried about coming into contact with the disease at work and bringing it home.

Unfortunately government advice about attending work only applies to the person who is classed as vulnerable, other people in the same household are advised that they can go to work.

However, we believe that responsible employers will under take risk assessments with employees who are worried about living with someone who is vulnerable. Employers should consider the home circumstances of their employees and make adaptions, such as being able to work from home.

If you feel that your employer is not managing your personal risks sufficiently, and there is more they can do to help you, please raise this with your manager. If you need our support please contact the branch office.