We are worth more than just a clap

UNISON’s head of local government and schools has written a blog about how our members in schools and local government are at the forefront of the battle against Covid-19 and how they deserve more than just a clap once a week. UNISON is calling on the government to support a decent pay rise this year for these workers, after 10 years of real-terms pay cuts.

“What is your health worth? How about your safety? Or your community? How much do green spaces and clean streets matter to you? A happy childhood? Someone to look after you when you’re old?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that council and school workers are instrumental to so many things that we hold dear. COVID-19 has reminded us all how important our key workers are.

And they have just been offered a 2.75% pay rise in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

Jon Richards – National Secretary for Local Government and Schools

Read the rest of Jon’s blog here