Your new Branch Committee for 2020/21

Following the final AGM, which was held in Harrogate on 26 February, your new branch committee for 2020/21 has been confirmed.

The new branch committee is:

Andy Argyle (Chair), Wendy Nichols (Secretary, Labour Link Officer, and Senior Service Conditions Officer), John Foster (Treasurer), Sarah Carter (Vice Chair, and Service Conditions Officer), Helen Gray (Assistant Secretary, and Service Conditions Officer), Daniel Maguire (Communications Officer, and Service Conditions Officer). Paul McPherson (International Officer, and Service Conditions Officer), Michele Jones (Service Conditions Officer), George Webb (Service Conditions Officer), Sheila Crosby (Retired Members’ Secretary).

Area Representatives on the branch committee are:

Simon Purcell (Hambleton/Richmond), Julie Biggins (Hambleton/Richmond), Hilary Gould (Hambleton/Richmond), Steve Timmins (Scarborough/Ryedale/Whitby), Karola Cramoysan (Harrogate), Helen Gray (Hambleton/Richmond), Rachel Horsman (Selby/York). There are vacancies for are representatives as follows: Selby/York (3), Hambleton/Richmond (3), Scarborough/Ryedale/Whitby (1), Craven (2) and Harrogate (4). There is also one vacancy for a representative from the Independent/Voluntary sector.

Delegates to the Executive & Finance Committee:

Andy Argyle (Selby/York), Daniel Maguire (Selby/York), Helen Gray (Hambleton/Richmond), Simon Purcell (Hambleton/Richmond), Steve Timmins (Scarborough). In addition Wendy Nichols (Branch Secretary) and John Foster (Treasurer).