Workers in councils and schools should reject low pay offer, says UNISON

Staff to be consulted over employers’ pay proposal

Council and school staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are worth far more than the “disappointing” pay increase they’ve been offered by employers, says UNISON today (Thursday).

The union is to consult hundreds of thousands of workers in local government over the £1,290 offer made last week, with a recommendation they vote to reject it.

UNISON is calling for an improvement to pay that fairly rewards council and school staff, many of whom are in low-wage roles, for the essential services they provide.

UNISON head of local government Mike Short said: “The offer is disappointing and falls short of the level council and school workers deserve.

“Staff have seen the value of their pay plummet, while often being asked to do even more. They provide vital services to their communities by supporting the most vulnerable, educating children and keeping people safe.

“Council and school workers need a pay rise that reflects this.”