NJC Local Government Pay Claim 2024-25

The NJC pay claim for 2024, covering council and school workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, has now been submitted.

The unions’ headline demand is for an increase of at least £3,000 or 10% (whichever is greater) on all spinal column points.

In addition, the claim calls for:

• Reviews of the gender, ethnicity and disability pay gaps in local government

• A 2-hour reduction in the working week with no detriment

• An additional day of annual leave for personal or well-being purposes (with term time only staff also receiving a full day rather than a pro rata amount, that they can use at any time, including term time)

• A phased approach to reaching a minimum pay rate of £15 an hour in a maximum of two years, sooner if possible

The Employers’ Side briefings are taking place in March.  In Yorkshire & Humberside, it is on the 22nd March.  UNISON is urging the Employers to make an offer as soon as possible after that and to engage in meaningful negotiations.

We know that one of the frustrations with the 2023 campaign was how long it took. We will ensure that every stage of the 2024 campaign is carried out as quickly as possible, and we will push the Employers and the other NJC unions to do the same.