Statement on proposed £225,000 pay-off to Hambleton District Council boss

According to papers published in advance of a meeting of the Hambleton District Council Cabinet, due to take place on Tuesday 4 October, the Council is proposing to pay an enhanced exit package estimated to be £225,000.

The five UNISON branches that cover the eight district, county and borough councils in North Yorkshire have issued the following joint statement:

“When we began discussions with our local councils regarding Local Government Reorganisation in North Yorkshire, we made it very clear to councils that we expect all staff to be treated fairly and equally.

“To now discover that one of the Chief Executives is being allowed to leave his employment with an enhanced package of around £225,000 has left us dismayed and angry. We can only conclude from this that Hambleton District Council is not treating its staff fairly and equally. If this package is approved by councillors on Tuesday, it will send a message to our members that those staff who are already very well paid are able to negotiate themselves better deals than lower paid workers.

“This huge exit payment will not go down well with hard working council staff and local residents who are struggling with the cost of living crisis. We have already had contact from our members who work for Hambleton District Council to express their shock and disgust at this proposal.

“This seems to follow a pattern at Hambleton District Council. We undertook research last year which suggested that, combined, the salary of the Chief Executive and the allowance paid to the Leader of the Council is one of the highest per-capita in North Yorkshire.

“We urge Hambleton councillors to do the right thing and vote against this proposal. The Chief Executive should be given fair notice of redundancy and receive his fair entitlement to redundancy pay. However the residents of Hambleton district should not be subsidising an enhanced exit package for the Chief Executive. That money should be spent on the residents of Hambleton district.

“We will also be writing to the other district and borough councils across North Yorkshire to make sure they are not tempted to do the same.”