Standing up for social workers

On 15 March we marked World Social Work Day. As the biggest union for social workers in the UK, representing over 40,000 members working in the sector, UNISON is recognised the day by launching a Social Work Manifesto.

The manifesto sets out UNISON’s view on how it sees UK social work in the 21st century. It explains both the state of the profession now and explores how the union sees it evolving in the years ahead.

The issues considered include:

  • improving social worker working conditions;
  • promoting a positive image of social work and social workers;
  • investing in social worker development;
  • ending austerity and rebuilding public services;
  • ending the privatisation of health and social care.

UNISON negotiates nationally, regionally and locally to improve pay, terms and conditions and job security for all social workers. Our local workplace union reps and branch officers help to ensure a safe working environment.

We campaign to improve employer standards and provide training and briefings on a range of professional topics and skills.

Download the UNISON Social Work Manifesto

Standing Up for Social Workers leaflet

UNISON resources and advice for social workers