Employers refuse to reopen pay talks

Local government employers have responded to UNISON and the other local government trade unions, refusing to reopen pay discussions following the overwhelming rejection of the 1.75% pay offer.

In the letter from the employers side, they confirmed that the offer is final. We are bitterly disappointed by this, and will push on with the national strike ballot.

Letter from the employers to the union side, 19 October 2021:

The National Employers met today and noted the outcome of your pay consultation ballots and your intention to prepare to conduct ballots for industrial action.

The employers carefully considered your request for them to make an improved offer. After a lengthy debate, the employers today agreed by a majority to reaffirm that the pay offer they made on 27 July is full and final.

You are aware of the financial situation in the sector; the employers are therefore obliged to ensure that they represent the interests of local authorities by ensuring that any pay offer is shaped in such a way that it is affordable and fair to both employers and employees.

In your letter, you also request that the employers, “reconsider [their] refusal to work with us to lobby the government for more funding specifically for local government pay”. I remind you that any decision to seek funding for a pay award can only be made by the LGA (in coordination with the WLGA and NILGA) and is therefore outside the remit of this body.

The National Employers urge you to reconsider your decision to ask your members to vote for industrial action in order that the local government workforce can promptly receive the 2021 pay award.