Local government and schools pay update

Members who work in local government, schools and most academies in North Yorkshire will be aware that UNISON and the other unions are currently in negotiations with the national employers about the pay rise that was due on 1 April 2021.

Our claim was for 10% to recognise the work of council and school workers during Covid but also to make up for some of the losses we have seen during the past decade of pay cuts and pay freezes.

The employers side had made an initial offer of 1.5%, which we rejected. We asked the national employers, through the Local Government Association (LGA) to work with us to lobby the government to fund a decent pay rise for our members.

The employers met and responded on 21 July to inform us that they are not prepared to join with us to ask the government for more funding for pay.

We wait now for their formal response to our rejection of 1.5%.

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