Regional trade unions support ‘one council’ for North Yorkshire

Trade Unions across Yorkshire and The Humber have voted unanimously to support our view that the ‘one council’ for North Yorkshire option is the best option to minimise disruption to council workers and the services they help deliver.

At its conference on 10 April the Yorkshire & Humber TUC, representing over 600,000 workers across the region noted:

“Our position on North Yorkshire reorganisation is based on what is best for all involved and is judged against three criteria as follows.

Any reorganisation must:

  1. Minimise disruption to staff and services
  2. Protect jobs and avoid compulsory redundancies
  3. Level-up terms, conditions and pay of the staff involved.

When considered against these criteria it is clear that the proposals put forward by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) and the City of York Council (CoYC) are the sensible proposals i.e. two Unitary authorities based on these two Councils. This causes the least
disruption to services and staff and allows continuity of services for the vast majority.

The proposal for two Unitary Authorities, one in the East and one in the West of the County would lead to major disruption to both staff and services and create the potential for significant staff redundancies with a need to transfer over 23,000 staff. Whereas the NYCC & CoYC proposals avoid such significant disruption and allow for the continuity of services and massively reduce the potential for redundancies.”