Safer Workplaces – 1,000 new Health & Safety Reps across UNISON

UNISON’s summer campaign to recruit new health and safety reps has already paid dividends, with record numbers of members showing an interest.

In North Yorkshire, we have members working at over 900 different workplaces. We would love to have a Health & Safety Representative at each and every one of those workplaces!

Acting national secretary Donna Rowe-Merriman said: “In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety reps are vital to ensuring workplaces are safe.

“#BeOnTheSafeSide has got off to a fantastic start. The level of interest shows just how important health and safety is to UNISON members, who want to be safe delivering vital services to the public.

“It’s great that so many women and Black members have come forward to get involved.”

Ms Rowe-Merriman added: “As we progress through this pandemic, the importance of health and safety in our workplaces has been a high priority. Without health and safety reps, our workplaces are less safe and less healthy.

“By signing up to become a safety rep you become part of a wider community of activists that keeps everyone safe.”

UNISON is holding webinars for potential new safety reps on 29 September and 13 October.

Find out more about our campaign and register your interest to be a Health & Safety rep where you work