Care after Covid – the time for talking is over

The time for talking is over. A national care service is the only way to prevent more deaths. We need a resilient system, like the NHS.

The UK’s response to the coronavirus left vulnerable people and the heroes that care for them unprotected. Never again. It’s time for a national care service. We have 5 demands we want the government to immediately guarantee:

  1. A real living wage for all care workers, as an absolute minimum.
  2. A standard employment contract for care work – including sick pay, contracted hours and pay for all hours on duty, including ‘sleep ins’ and travel time.
  3. Significant, emergency government funding.
  4. Professional standards – the Care Certificate should be upgraded and expanded and professional registration should be standardised throughout the UK.
  5. A partnership working group of commissioners, providers, governments and trade unions must be established to action solutions.

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