Winning for our members – over £12,000 for member and relative

UNISON and our legal partners, Thompsons Solicitors, have secured a pay-out of over £12,000 for one of our members and a relative following a road traffic accident that occurred whilst they were on holiday.

Our member and a relative were on holiday and were involved in a road accident. The third party insurers refused to negotiate a settlement so our member came to UNISON and used our free personal injury service.

The third party’s insurers vigorously defended the claim and argued that our member and her relative were not injured as a result of the accident.

Our solicitors took the case to court and won over £6,000 for both our member and her relative. As this was brought using our free legal services there were no deductions for legal costs and both our member and her relative were able to keep 100% of the compensation.

Last year we secured over £25,000 in personal injury compensation for our members in North Yorkshire. So far this year we have won over £22,000.

Personal injury is just one of the legal services available free to our members and their families. Cases like this show the value of being a UNISON member and also show that the union is prepared to take on cases that claims companies and no win, no fee solicitors will not.

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