Term-time working

Lots of our members are employed on ‘term-time only’ or part-year contracts. This means that they only work for a foxed number of weeks in a year. The most common arrangement is in schools, where lots of staff will be employed to work only when the school is open. In most cases this is for 38 or 39 weeks.

Sometimes people will choose to work term-time only as it suits them, but in many cases our members (mainly working in schools) will have had their contracts changed and will have had their pay reduced against their wishes. We oppose forcing people on to ‘term-time’ only and we believe people should have a right to be employed, and paid, for the whole year. After all, mortgages, rent and other bills have to be paid all year!

Term-time working raises many important questions about pay, annual leave, sick leave and sick pay. Our FAQs below should help you to understand your rights if you work term-time or part-year.